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Mindanao trail

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Putakte haggardo verzosa akech sa Davao-Cotabato-GenSan-Sarangani trip kamakailan lamang. 80 percent of trip was spent in the van. Josimio mahabagin ina ng awa. Ni walang chufaaaa si Cinderella. Nagpaserbam lang ako sa masahista dun sa Matina in Davao for 200 peysoses. Hihi! Here’s what happened.

Monday night I flew to DVO. With jetlag (jetlag, chos!) from KL to boot, I felt weary and naughty gotnothing to do in my cozy room overlooking the mountainous Matina Pangi . So I opened my trusty computer and may i-Google the bakla.  Pasok sa jar, 500 peysos ang services offered sa Nature’s Spa (ata) on a home service session. It was raining so I thought it won’t hurt if I invite somebody to touch my pekpek.

The Masseur: Tale of the tape. May taas na 5’4-5’5, lanky bordering petite. Emo boy ang pota, mahaba ang buhok at mukhang sanay mageyeliner. Naloka ang titi ko, di maintindihan kung mag-erect or not, dubious sa gender ni masahistang mahaba ang wig. Chos.

But titi lang po ito, tumitigas sa himas in all places. So hayun after some gentle hagod, binikaka ako ng pota, kulang nalang itali on the headboard while he sucks my nipples while fondling with my pechay. I asked him to do me a finger, in no time I felt his whole hand inside. Fisting ata ang gusto potangenaaaa. Afraidie aguilar! But he gently withdrew sensing birhen ang nasa ilalim nya and napapangiwi na ako sa sarap. Hahaha!

I handed him 200 for the deed. Will check him out on Facebook. Share ko once I find the emo boy’s account.

* * *

Pero witchell naman puro lakwatsa ang ginawa ni Cinderella. My group and I headed to Matina Pangi’s flood victims for a medical mission. The place is still in disarray with vestiges of the flash floods that claimed some 30 lives, the residents told me. In the thick of gift-giving, he caught my eye. Pumipila si kuya ng gamot for his kid.

ER-looking bet kech! Right then and there gusto ko sya chupain! Gusto nyo? Sampal!

* * *

For the following days we trooped to Cotabato, the outskirts and the far-flung New Israel in Makilala where we met a community of Moncada–who lives with monkeys. The monkeys were everywhere and were taught to live with the people. Nakakaloka!

We also dined by the Lake Sebu in South Cot where we devoured tilapia of all sorts of cooking imaginable—kilawin, deep fried, ginataan, paksiw at kung anik-anik pa feeling ko I’d grow some fins already.

This shot is my favorite. The boys barely 10 years old live by the lake and make a living out of diving by request from the tourist’s who in turn throw them some coins.

* * *

Good thing I had CG in Gensan, I had slept soundly despite the beaten body I got from all the van rides. My friends were able to meet Pacman and Jinkee at Blugre Cafe in Rob-Gensan while CG and I were doing our thing in some pension house in the city.


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July 19, 2011 at 5:26 pm

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Truly Asiaaaaa

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Mga bakla, sing bilis ng bagyong Goring ang pagexit ko sa Malaysia. Dito na ako after a one-week exile to the Moslem world of curry at roti. I missed pork, steak, baby back ribs, and titi! Chos. Jusmio purga ang beauty kech sa culinary trip ng mga Malaysians. It was gastronomic adventure of sorts—nasi dagang, roti jala (which sometimes replaces the rice staple served with various types of gravy) at kung anik-anik pa.

To say that I enjoyed the experience is underlining the obvious. I’ve set  my eyes on the phallic two-tower Petronas which was a sight to behold, like Malaysia’s other architectural marvels. Who would’ve thought that this once lowly state would now be at par with other Asian countries? Ang inet sa KL nang sufir, with intermittent rains. Manila’s weather is far better, mas malayo tayo sa equator remember?

Okay on to other matters, nasaan ang mga umbaw? Witchell nakaiskor si Cinderella. Booo. Except for some landian portion with Pinoys I met at the hotel bar and lobby on my last night, there were no kuping and uras portions. Pinantasya ko lang ang mga machas (read hot Indian men in MY and SG) at mga foreigners who I bumped into. Nagbayas ako nang sufir. Bakit? I feared for my dear life. Remember the case of Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim who was pressed with sodomy charges in 2000? Ayoko mategi sa Malaysian land.

I checked in at Marroitt Putrajaya, good thing I’m a Marriott Rewards card holder unlimited ang wired Internet ko sa room. Bunggakels, may silbi ang pagiging suki.

On my first day, I went for a swim after breakfast at the newly opened Zest restaurant. The pool attendant is Nazril. I hinted on him to no success. I told him to join me in the pool he just looked at me and smiled. Di ko naman bet masyado, I just tried if he’d bite. He said he wanted a picture so I obliged. Chararat anech?

Then rumampage akechiwa sa lobby and sightseeing. May event ata ang Shell Asia, andaming Shell VIPs. Kaloka ang sea of yellow sa buffet place at sa hotel lobby. I inched my way to him. I said I was a Filipino staying at the same hotel. “Wow, Philippines?” “YES!,” I said with matching abaniko to show.” This guy drove me hard, I wanted to grope his behind and kneel on him. His name is Alex.

But the man who totally seized my heart a cameraman from Singapore covering an event at the Sepang F1 Circuit. Good thing my friends and I dropped by Sepang to marvel the world-class race track. The boy was jaw-dropping I wanna suck him right there and then.  But he was so busy, eh?

I was told Malaysian actor Fahrin Amad was in the area, so Cinderella went up the paddock area and squeezed my way to have my picture taken with him. There were so much media around I told the security I was one of them. Echoserang froglet! Fahrin gained weight, compared to the days he was in the Carmen Soo-Kristine Hermosa show.

I wish. I saw him off clothes.

Nakakapagod nang sufir ang Putrajaya-Sepang-Kuala Lumpur trip kechiwa. I felt I was ripped by the taxis who charged me exaggerated. Imagine from airport to the hotel I paid like 65 ringgit (P1,000 pesos) for a 30-minute drive. Kaloka. So if you head to KL, learn to ride the train and the bus. Wag magtaxi. I bought some pasalubong goodies at Petraling Street, downtown KL. It was their version of Chinatown where people haggle with the best Chinese and local finds.

I’m back in Manila Saturday night. I crave titi. But early morning Monday, I’m Davao-bound. Dun naman ang conference ng bakla. Pagoda na. Humanda kayo chuchupain ko kayo!

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Selamat Datang, Cinderella!

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Touchdown Singapura. 3 hours+++ mula sa pandaigdigang paliparan ng Ninoy Aquino sa Maynila.

Then rampage akechiwa sa Changi Airport for the one-hour layover to Kuala Lumpur. Me koala bear ba ditey? Malay ko malay mo malaysiaaaaaaaaaa!

Touchdown Sepang. Hello, Putrajaya.

Mga bakla, ditey ako natapon for a week. Hello Malaysia, Truly Asia ang peg kech. Sana makachupa anez? Pasensya na sa backlog ko sa Fantastic Four. Babawi ako nang benggang-bengga.

PS Wala pa akong nakitang bet na fezlak ditey sa hotel save for one Chinese-Malay sa reception who checked me in, the rest ay chararat bhurat witchell ko bet. Yung taga engineering department who lent me adaptor for my laftof bungi, I must say. O sya babuska na, maaga pa ang seminar ng mga parlorista ditey bukas.

Sa tourism booth sa airport I hoarded these. Baka mawala ako ditey mahirap na.

I know you love me.


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