I need to be home by twelve.

Hey. Still here.

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A lot has changed. Changed work, changed balur. Changed lifestyle.


Pero ang Cinderella, makati pa rin. Pakikamot ng puke kech. Anupletch!

Namiss ko kayo. Hihi. Sa mga taga-Marikina kong kafatid, bigyan nyo ko ng booking ditey. Dali sundo’t hatid ko pa sya. Haha! Asan ang spa, asan ang masahista? Asan ang colboy? Choz. Ganitey pala ang feeling ng bagong salta. Major environment scan, business review. Charlotte!

For this year, I’ll be more picky/choosy. Syempre tumatanders na si Cinderella. I need all the love in the world beside kati.

First criterion: Dapat kumpleto na ang set of teeth ng mga otoko.  Chos.

Yung mga carwash boys ditey sa Marikina impernez, may washboard abs. Check na, while waiting sa car, kuping sa CR. Choz.

Happy 2012. I’ll try my best to update regularly. Mej kerikeriboomboom ko na magblog ulit. So mga chufatid, brace yourselves. Charlotte!


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January 10, 2012 at 5:13 pm

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Pansamantala muna pong magpapahinga si Cinderella, busy ang bakla sa bagong worklaloo sa pabrika.

Sa muli nating pagkikita.

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October 21, 2011 at 10:21 pm

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I almost got a hemorrhoid and bled. Pisti yawa!

Kakatihan on a random night when I called a msseur over at my unit.

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October 7, 2011 at 9:33 am

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Diri sa Iligan

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Akira iz in Iligan. Whadamotherfucker@7^^%%@%@. Lumapag ako kaninang umaga sa paliparan ng Cagayan de Oro with barely 5hours of sleep! Then mega travel 1.5 hours by van to the city. Shet ang funda ko nagpe-fade na. But Inengs, I’m Iligan virgin no more! The city celebrates its Diyandi Festival which features monthlong activities.  Me wishes there’s kuping here davaynst? Am feeling under the weather nang slight, my eyes are slightly burning, my throat’s itching and am feeling horny. Choz. Trulali, medyo di okay ang pakiramdam ko. I’ve taken meds and slept a little.

Sa mga nakavisit na ditey, dali ispluk nyo saan ang place to be! Im’m here til Thursday. Here’s my Iligan number. 09286113010. (meganon, Iligan number?)

Ktnxbye. Nagnanakaw lang akira ng Wi-Fi ditey sa Aruma Cafe. Mura ang kape for P99 pesos, I’ve tall mocha frappe oredi! Bonggacious diva.

First day and it feels like I’ve been here for three days already. Choras!

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September 26, 2011 at 5:28 pm

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If he asks 500 for extra service, after a 1-hour massage, which includes sucking of your nips while he gives you a  handjob you, would you give in? Oh by the way, he lets you suck his tool too. Too bad there wasn’t a condom I would’ve have been 3 days preggers.

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September 25, 2011 at 8:34 pm

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Ang boyfriend ko sa CBTL

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This just in. Sept 22, Hwebes, 3:58 pm. Habang gumagawa ng report due tomorrow. Tambay mode sa kapehan at Greenbelt, nang masilayan ko si Machete.

Mukhang nagsesales talk si Kuya. Isales talk moko Kuya pakyawin ko lahat ng insurance plans mo. Dali lapit ka ditey. Now na.

Imbyerna ang girlchina katabi ko umayos na nang umayos ng buhok, sarap ganutan!



PS. Mga bakla, Mindanao-bound ako on Monday. There’s  a festival in Iligan where a friend is based so invited ang bakla. See you mga shufatid, eyeball! Chorls.

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September 22, 2011 at 3:51 pm

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Whatever happened in Bora and CDO?

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When in Bora expect them. Shutanginamels.


But I didn’t get to meet one. I was one shy lass. Kuping sa foreigner sa Bora. FAIL.

I remember, I was told to spend some time by the shore at ungodly hours because, as they say, the mermaids and mermen would land and touch base. Of course I knew there weren’t any of its kind, only sex for money or the forlorn, the elegiacs.

I had reservations, I can’t walk late into the night. But I was hoping to catch the morning breeze of Boracay after downing some three bottles of Red Horse at Club Paraw in Station 1. My attempt at picking some random men at that bar was futile. So before the sun shines on me, I inched my way out of the bar and looked at the outside environs.

By the isaw stand a few steps away from Paraw was a local police officer on short shorts (read: pekpek) sitting comfortably on a monoblock. I did small talk and treated him a piece of the innard just to start a conversation. Sure I had the hots for him (the sexy shorts did it for him) but he said he was on duty and won’t retire until about four. That was three or two hours more had I waited.  So I whispered he helped me get a money boy, the local kind so I could just hit the sack and put the night to a perfect close.

He did just that. He gestured to the barangay tanod (barangay police) from not too far away and spoke on local speak it was beyond my comprehension. And in just under five minutes, a motorcycle stopped in front of the isaw stand. The boy is dark-skinned.

He said he’d bring me to my hotel some 10 minutes away from the White Beach. I winked at Kuya Pulis. Pimping much.

His name is Marvin, six years younger than I. Marvin doesn’t know how to wear his coat—I said it was Frenzy, banana flavor. He innocently smiled.

We still text. He uses his brother’s phone because he doesn’t have one.

* * *

In CDO, there wasn’t any lays for me. But I’ve swirled into their gay bar, the only one in the city, named Club Hallo. The bar is your usual Timog-like strip bar, only localized and the music sounds more lata. The Hallo boys won’t make for a good viewing except for this particular guy I tabled named Paulo. he used to work for Big Papa in Tramo, at least he told me.

Tangina ka Paulo, he didn’t show up in my hotel after giving him P200 cab fare.

I was duped.

But I must say, CDO boys those on the streets are a lovely lot. Only I had neck-deep work I didn’t get to strut my butt around.

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September 11, 2011 at 10:54 pm

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